Get the practical knowledge, learn about real-life scenarios from an industry expert
Pass your first job interviews successfully with the help of
a mentor
Industry experts
as mentors
Personalized curriculum and schedule
Practical knowledge through projects and real-life scenarios
Do any of these problems sound familiar to you?
All of these problems can be resolved through working with a mentor.
University curriculum has a lot of outdated and theoretical knowledge, there is not enough information about how the industry works and the real-life scenarios
You have to work on standard projects that are not customized to your interests
You need to do a lot of self-learning to prepare for job interviews, the university education is not enough to get a job
Online courses are time-consuming and inflexible in terms of the program
Our mentors are experts from top Indian companies with 3+ years of industry experience.
A mentor is a person who has strong industry experience and is willing to guide you and help accelerate your professional development.
Benefits of preparing for your first job with a mentor:
You will be learning from the best: our mentors are skilled industry experts with years of experience.
Only practical knowledge: you will be doing projects and discussing real-life scenarios
Our mentors work in top Indian IT companies so they know what is expected of a good candidate and how to make you the perfect candidate
The projects that you will be doing are customized to your interests
The curriculum is personalized to your goals and level
The schedule of classes is completely up to you: you can study from anywhere at any time
The classes are held 1 on 1 so the mentor’s attention will only be focused on you
You will have a go-to person for any difficult questions or problems you come across
How it works
Working with your mentor to achieve the growth goal
All of the next mentor sessions will be dedicated to the goal you want to achieve. Mentor sessions are based on practice-oriented learning. You will be working on projects, doing mock interviews, solving problems, learning best-practices, etc.
Finding the perfect mentor
We help you choose a mentor that would fit your criteria (price range, tech stack, company, years of experience, etc.)
Identifying your growth goals
You define the goal you want to achieve by working with a mentor. For example, improve your portfolio, get a better understanding of the industry, prepare for the job interview, upgrade your CV, etc.
A free introductory call to meet the mentor
We conduct a free 15-30 minute introductory call, where you and the mentor get to know each other, talk about your goals and how the mentor can help in achieving them. The goal of the call is for both you and the mentor to understand if there is a match between you two, if you think you will be able to work together. If the call is successful, then at the end of it you choose the date for your first mentor session.
Drafting the roadmap to the goal
At the first mentor session, the mentor evaluates your current level of knowledge to understand what skills you need to work on. After the session, a mentor creates an approximate roadmap for your future classes: a list of topics you will work on.
What you can do with a mentor:
Solve a problem you can’t figure out on your own
Make your CV more appealing to companies

Improve your practical knowledge

Build unique projects for your portfolio

Code review
Mock interview
Student’s reviews
With the help of Boostly, I was able to quickly find a skilled mentor to prepare me for job interviews and find my first job as a software engineer. Unlike online courses, a mentor can solve a specific query that you may have: improve your CV or portfolio, prepare for a job interview, etc. I liked working with Ranju, he helped me reach my goals.
I had several goals: build a CV and portfolio; prepare for the interviews; find a job. I liked the objective feedback and that we were on equal terms, I did not feel any superiority from Pritam. I liked the fact that he suggested a number of useful resources and books for me to go through. By the end of our cooperation, Pritam helped me achieve my goals: I got a job in an IT company. The day before the interview, we went through all the questions that could be asked by the company. It helped me feel more confident in the interview. I am very happy with the result. I can recommend Pritam to anyone who has not yet found a job.
Kamala is a very good mentor: she listens to me carefully, gives good advice. If there are things I don’t understand, she explains them quickly and clearly. During the mentor sessions, we improved my CV and portfolio, after which the responses from employers increased. I highly recommend working with a mentor.
I am pleased to have worked with Ananthi. Each lesson was devoted to a new topic based on the plan we set at the beginning. Ananthi also gave me tasks for self-study in order to help me consolidate the knowledge and improve my practical skills. Then, she gave me feedback on my work. I really enjoyed that the whole learning process happened at a pace that was convenient for me. It was easy to communicate with Ananthi, she explained topics in plain language, and gave great examples of practical application of the studied material.
I want to express my gratitude to the amazing mentor Atisha!
Her high professionalism and ability to clearly communicate complex information gave me much more than I have ever received from online courses! Before working with Atisha, I had no idea how the industry works and how I would be able to find a job and perform well with no prior work experience.
And thanks to my mentor’s support, her willingness to share skills and experience, I managed to gain all the practical knowledge I needed, improve my skills and find a job.
Great classes, learning with a mentor is much faster and more efficient than studying by yourself! And it is cheaper and better than online courses: you do not have to learn the topics you already know and stick to the same program as everyone else. Personalized approach is definitely a good thing.
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